Cities and performance

Facepalm. In game development the equivalent to “we’ll fix it in post” is “the next hardware will run it at 4K/60fps” except that it’s not 2004. It’s not happening anymore. It’s mind blowing in a way, to work so hard on a game and take a massive gamble on the tech stack in the 2020s. It feels like if you’re trying to make a good sequel to a popular game that wasn’t very resource intensive, you should keep it not very resource intensive. LOD is a solved problem, ffs. Sigh.

But as you all know, it’s all about growth. It’s all about bigger, taller, stronger faster and also, worse.

This is also why Nintendo stays untouchable: they make their own lil engines, own small prototypes, and squeeze an ungodly amount of fun out of weak ass CPUs. They understand. And print money.

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