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Birthday boy

It was indeed, a gorgeous day.

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This woman is a beast.

She was great last year but she’s totally killing it this season. Super impactful, she’ll track your ass on defense like a remora on a shark. She has three lungs so you’ll be in constant pain trying to lose her.

She’ll go for the block. She’ll go for the steal. She’ll slash through. She’ll assist. Her 3-point shot is not great but fuck a 3-point shot, basketball is not just that.

She is so fluid on the floor. Talk about floating above the deck. She moves like the wind and her instincts are sharp.

It’s DiJonai Carrington, and she’s amazing. Keep going, sis.

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Just looking

I observe people trying to create businesses to get paid.

Substack, OnlyFans, Patreon, Twitch, etc.

Two things come to mind:

  • Nothing works well enough to have one single job.

  • And that’s the end of your mental health.

There are no more jobs, y’all. Everything is maxed out. People try to find new veins of gold, but there’s none anymore.

We’ve expensed everything. Every single market is absolutely saturated. Music, vegetables, solar panels, mobile pet groomers, online pussy, same. Even scamming is ultra-competitive and not worth it today!

Every market ends up the same: 10% of actors make 90% of profit and the other end which is 90% of us, makes close to nothing. That is completely unsustainable and unhealthy.

Everyone thinks “yeah but not me though” forgetting that we’re not living in a vacuum, and that they will be impacted (maybe massively) too, at some point, even if they’ve been absurdly lucky until now. Just wait for that L.

“Let us remember that the automatic machine… is the precise economic equivalent of slave labor. Any labor which competes with slave labor must accept the economic consequences of slave labor.”

Norbert Wiener – Wikipedia

We are competing with perfect automatic machines, perfect slaves (24/7 productivity, keeps learning constantly) at all levels, now. We don’t want to accept the economic consequences of that slave labor, but we’re in it. And it needs to fucking stop. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

When I talk to people about UBI, they get it but feel like that’s a stretch. Maybe later.

I feel like I’m the only one truly grasping the urgency these days. And it feels crazy because e-very-thing points at it being mandatory since the 2010s and forward. Let’s get it.

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Alt News

There’s Flaming Hydra. 404 Media. Defector. Aftermath. Racket. Hell Gate. And so many more. This isn’t a new phenomenon — several of the publications in this broad category have been around for years. But we’ve reached a tipping point, for a number of reasons. The bad ones are obvious: the old news media is truly, finally dying. Distribution by social media collapsed as the neo-fash tycoons swept in. Something something AI.

Right! But

Paying for subscriptions for content has been fully normalized between Patreon and OnlyFans and Dropout and a lot of other human-scale media memberships. Many would much rather pay normal people every month than fork out for yet another corporate streaming service.

Those news platforms exist thanks to a lot of people sacrificing something. That is not sustainable nor scalable, hasn’t been for 30 years now. A myriad of subscriptions, which always go up in price and numbers, only sends readers to the cancel button. The math just doesn’t math without Universal Income. And of course, those payment platforms can overnight be owned by the old news media owners who are still so filthy rich that they can do that without losing a single yacht. Gawker went down with the quickness. I’m still shocked by that.

WordPress. Citizen-based, local-heavy news. Lower traffic. Genuine content. Things need to get more calm and governments need to step up to help their citizens. These are the breaks, I think.

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Re-watching Ranma 1/2.

I had forgotten a lot about it and it’s pretty funny!


I couldn’t NOT be romantic growing up on cartoons with backgrounds like this.

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Heat Fix

Life in a heat dome: The American West is figuring out how to keep cool (

Journalists always on their doomy, clicky BS.

More than $1.4m (£1m) has been approved to plant up to 1,800 trees across the city to provide cool corridors.

Bro we need $100.4M to relocate old ass trees which can immediately change local climate (they plant young trees that will be effective in 50 years, so so smart). They do it in Japan, it’s very costly and an engineering nightmare, which is exactly what dudes love. Get on that challenge, bored men. Plant big ass trees, mfs.

In 2017, San Francisco mandated that at least 15% surface area of roofs on new buildings bigger than 2,000 sq ft (1,858 metres) must be covered by either solar panels or vegetation.

Porque no los todos? Green roofs drop temperature by a good 5 degrees, just sitting there. 5 degrees is the difference between being hot and dying, or being fine and being hot. They also absorb heavy rain, limiting flooding and of course, chilling like a villain in the grass with the sky above never gets old. 100% of all goddamn roofs should be green roofs, what are y’all on? 15% is some weak shit and of course that doesn’t do a great job. It can’t.

Paint it white

LMAO every gentrifier has been building black buildings for the past decade lol. Those need by default 30% more energy to cool down. Developers and real estate managers are fucking irresponsible.

Planning for the future

That’s easy: thick ass walls. It’s called thermal inertia, it’s old as fuck. The walls absorb heat during the day, leaving inside cool, and they redistribute the heat at night, when it’s a lot cooler outside. Done deal. Stop building with those weak ass SIPs. No more energy-hungry A/C units. Stop the thin partitions. Build heavy to sustain heat while it gives you privacy so that you can moan as loud as you want in your crib.

Y’all are slow at understanding. Give me the keys.

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EU elections

As I end my conversation with my parents online, the page refreshes:

We talked about the elections and all my dad said was that the green parties would probably lose hard. I already knew what he wasn’t talking about.

Bro those numbers are frightening.

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Now that I’m sleeping well, I can finally skate from time to time. I wanted to do that back in 2021, but due to brutal sleep deprivation, it wasn’t going to happen. That’s how you hurt yourself.

After six months of regular skating, I land tricks I never landed in my 20s. It feels so fucking good. I’m so hungry. My legs are obsessed and want to cruise and jump all the time.

I feel like nollie heel and 360 flip are doable this year. LETS GOOO.

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Ten years ago, I had just moved into that room in that building off of West Adams Blvd. Starting over. I was pressed and so stressed out.

Today, still in South L.A. All the lights are green. Smiling and laughing on a constant basis.

I feel that, Snoop. I feel that.

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Happy Saturday

Got bit by a dog and a side of my bed frame broke so, all is well.