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Speaking of cars

I’m all over my architecture books going through time and there’s something funny about those pictures: the cars around are always a decade or more off. 80s architecture has 70s cars around. 90s architecture has 80s cars around. Etc.

I think that I only now see cars that are truly 2000s and beyond. They’re also all hybrid or electric meaning that when I see them they’re completely silent, rolling around, making a turn. It’s a pretty hot first impression. And a break from the smelly past.

(shout out to Car Pixel for the pictures!)

Hyundai Ioniq 5

Those sharp lines and overall aesthetic would have been fabulous on 2002-2003 roads, y’all. In the 00s architecture leaned towards polygons a lot, thanks to technology (GFRC, BIM) providing the possibility. It kind of leaped over to car design in the 2010s, maybe thanks to technical advances as well (cheaper to create edges these days?).

Polestar 2

I see them around here and they look slick yet humble and that’s kind of a tour de force design-wise. Love it.

Lucid Air

Rare, but I see some. They look gorgeous. They’re fat and plump and beautiful on our large roads, no doubt. I cannot imagine driving one (I picture that you don’t hear anything inside and I like to hear stuff in a car when I drive, pre-2000 born sorry), but being in the back floating in the middle of a highway in the desert? Yeah. I can see that.

Toyota 2023 Prius

Someone at Toyota snapped over the joke. This version is a thing of beauty. Like, it should be illegal that a basic car like that looks that good. As of September 2023, everyone turns their heads when one rolls down a street. Toyota must have orders until 2039. The Wii of cars: everyone wants one.

Now, all that tech in a vehicle exposed to hacking, malware, surveillance, overriding, ransomware? I need a phone to use my car now? Wrong turn.

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Less cars more UBI

The issue for car manufacturers right now, is two-fold:

  • Margins on cars are very thin, and haven’t gotten better.
  • Car manufacturers depend on people buying cars. No one born in the 90s and above cares about doing that.

The issue with Waymo is not political or about safety. It’s that it annihilates now and forever the need to drive. The need for car ownership.

Who wants to lease a beautiful car for $800/month, having to drive, care about traffic, insurance, gas/electricity and all that? Less and less folks. The future is to not drive, period. I know people talk a lot about public transportation, but that’s a wrap as well; we went from public transportation to cars for many reasons, the obvious ones being the convenience and freedom afforded.

Waymo bridges those two designs.

I dream of daydreaming going to work instead of having to check my speed and decrease it because this idiot in front of me is checking their phones, or because this moron is not signaling that they’re about to make a turn even though it’s obvious that they’re about to. And I will have to do that 100 times a day so it seems. Pointless shit.

The only time people will enjoy driving is on road trips, and those are rare. Daily commute VS two or three times a year.

Car manufacturers are in massive trouble and because they supply enormous amounts of jobs to thousands of contractors, this is a huge blow into the economy. Hence UBI, again.

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WNBA increase

The league has never been that good, I believe. Great games night in night out from all teams. Lots of fun.

I know it’s easy to support the top dog, but the Aces are insanely good. Some of the best position-less basketball you will ever see. I think about Jackie Young’s legs now when I shoot a three. She has the best form. Kelsey Plum is like a cartoonish Tasmanian daredevil going to the basket, good luck stopping that. Kiah Stokes has been improving at the speed of a missile (board women get paid!). And of course Chelsea Grey and A’ja Wilson are just killing it.

I love the Mystics. Natasha Cloud’s dimes are like perfect 100% of the time, it’s beautiful to watch. Brittney Sykes has always been fantastic but this year she’s showing it and despite her talent that would allow her to be selfish, she passes the ball and pushes her teammates. It’s beautiful to see.

New York! I didn’t think that big group would mesh but the Liberty certainly did and have been fabulous this year. Shout out to Ms. Laney who low key has kept her team together with her dope defense and strong offense.

Connecticut! The Sun is shining over there, thanks to the awesomeness of AT (that’s Alyssa Thomas for you), who has the best running form to me. I know, kind of random, but it’s great like that.

Atlanta! Rhyne Howard is a pleasure to watch shoot that ball and their teamwork with Ms. Grey and Ms. Parker is strong. The Dream are always going at it, never giving up.

Dallas! Oh my god, Arike Ogunbowale is so phenomenal it’s disgusting sometimes. There’s no one to stop her, it’s only her missing from time to time. Meanwhile Satou Sabally has been killing it on fast breaks and has had magnificent games this year.

Lefties? Between Kelsey, Ariel, Satou, A’ja, Tiffany, Natisha, Odyssey, Allisha, Nia, I’m watching left-handed goodness.

Lastly shout out to Dijonai Carrington. She is so relentless, borderline reckless and I love it. Watch out for injuries, boo.

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Scan this, ChatGPT

To Altman, it was a mind-bending experience. “If you asked the 10-year-old version of me, who used to spend a lot of time daydreaming about AI, what was going to happen, my pretty confident prediction would have been that first we’re gonna have robots, and they’re going to perform all physical labor. Then we’re going to have systems that can do basic cognitive labor. A really long way after that, maybe we’ll have systems that can do complex stuff like proving mathematical theorems. Finally we will have AI that can create new things and make art and write and do these deeply human things. That was a terrible prediction—it’s going exactly the other direction.”

What OpenAI Really Wants | WIRED

First, I don’t know what’s up with folks thinking all the time in terms of pyramids and sequences. Plenty of things happen at the same time. That’s what makes the world complex, yet simple if you break it down. But anyway it’s not going exactly the other direction, Sam. Robots doing all physical labor are here and GPT is here as well. It’s all going at the same damn time, which is why we’re freaking out and/or we don’t even know what to say.

It’s been almost a year since ChatGPT_that_actually_works_well_final_draft. I think a whole lot is happening in the background with governments and companies. They know something is about to be super over right now. But they don’t want to say anything, playing poker until they know they and their loved ones will be fine once everything goes in the AI direction, and that jobs don’t carry anything anymore (we’re close to that).

“The dream is to help us solve problems we can’t.”

The thing is we’re rather good at solving any problem (chatGPT was a complete fantasy less than a decade ago!) and, most of the time, the problems were created by us. So we can solve them, 100%.

The dream personally is the unprecedented shift from our current socio-economical world to one where people immediately stop suffering through obscene capitalism.

AGI should be driving cars, cleaning toilets and taking care of nuclear power plants while we sit under a tree, laughing and fucking for fun. That is a possible future and I want it.

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Climate shuffle

I live in L.A. and the weather has been straight up bizarre this year.

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Lots of paperwork

Lots of forms to fill out.


The most uncomfortable truth

I’m going through it with video games. “Let me watch some Diablo 4, oh, it’s the exact same thing as Diablo I and Torchlight from respectively 20 and 10 years ago, OK.”

Games bore me to death these days and yes, considering the important things we need to tackle and vote for or on, they are a bit of a waste of time. It is very painful to admit.

This article about Starfield makes me think about it. Yes, spending dozens of hours “exploring” pointless data on a computer, when you already have done it for hundreds of days in your life, is silly. Yes, flying over empty planets designed this way, using your super fancy GPU to display 4K textures, is a waste of energy and time. Yes, doing the exact same thing 40 years ago created the same excitement with a tenth of electric consumption. No, games being more immense than before doesn’t help in any way.

Developing games is insanely hard and being able to make something that works, that is fun and that people love, is a brilliant feeling to feel. It’s incomparable to anything, it’s impossibly joyful. I understand.

The impact of computer games on culture and society? Way fucking darker and questionable.

I struggle with this.

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They see me


They are, obviously, hatin

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I’ve been getting more and more into a couple materials in construction:

Corten Steel

There’s something very static yet actively protective about it. I love the colors and tones varying with time and rust patterns. Earthy. And the best thing about weathering steel is the zero to low maintenance of it (in a desert climate, it doesn’t do so well in humid settings).


Its properties of being able to let the light in while blocking the light out, is amazing. Privacy, yet openness. I wouldn’t use that for a house, but for a workshop? Absolutely. Working with natural light while being inside is a huge plus.

I’d use corten steel on a house, here and there, as an accent and additional, external protective layer. If I was ending up in the desert desert though, I would use it more, like my dude Rick Joy.

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People ask me what I think about the rather big strike in Hollywood.

I don’t think much about it. It feels like it should have happened when streaming took off, over ten years ago. When the crews, the workers were in demand and could have re-negotiated those rights because they had leverage then.

But everyone believed that they would make it, move to West Ho, work for Netflix, and “get rich” in overpopulated and temporary creative fields.

Those contracts were bad then, and now they’re rotten. CEOs still make that much more than everyone else but now everyone is broke, tired and mad. Hence strikes.

Solution? Again, UBI.