March 31st, 2020 by harold

We passed 10K+ deaths in Italy and 3K+ in France. 500 died in one day in France yesterday. That’s not the peak yet.

As I say to people around me, we’re talking about countries with good and free (by American standards) healthcare. And they are struggling like crazy.

It’s going to be an absolute nightmare here. Hospital shootings are going to become a thing and I really hope I’m wrong.

I have people around me dismissing the virus. People making plans for this summer. Florida being Florida and #45 being a pile of shit, as usual (I kind of believe that it’s a calculated risk for him; most people who are going to die wouldn’t vote for his ass, shit is that grim). My parents are truly scared now and my 94 grandma is mad that my parents didn’t show up to see her for the past weeks. She probably didn’t really get how bad things are on the phone.

It is incomprehensible to understand how in such a connected world, no one really gives a shit. Starting with ultra rich people who got there thanks to us and tax breaks. Are they pulling up? Rihanna is and girl we should date, I’m down with the work you’re doing and we would make great music together.

But seriously. What’s the fucking point to be connected, seeing in REAL MUHFUCKING TIME what’s going on worldwide, and not act on something that immense, accordingly? Why can we spawn $2T just like that? Do you even understand how insane that amount is? A million million? Two of those? Jesus. It’s unfathomable. Meanwhile people stunt with “I’ll pay your rent” on Twitter but that doesn’t change the systemic madness. Others demand $15/hr when it’s totally not enough to live with in the first place in 2020 in most states in America. Everyone is jumping on using apps (Zoom, TikTok) that are leaking and profiting from all your info. Some ultra rich folks are making money while sipping champagne in one of their luxury homes, amused, while you’re working your ass off for the next challenge or next live whatever.

It’s hard to witness.

2020 mph

March 31st, 2020 by harold

This was the last picture I took this year before everything turned to a complete shit storm. It was a great day and 2020 looked like this could be it. A step up. New decade, who this etc.

So if it’s karma, I’m sorry y’all. Maybe not long after this picture was taken I was going a bit fast, window open, feelin it. But not faster than everyone else. Plus, I need to clean that engine from time to time, passing a smog test is a must.

Anyway. Classic visual at sunset where it looks like it’s burning down there. It is now burning everywhere. Be safe, stay positive, create.

I really want to hold in my arms and kiss specific people right now.


March 25th, 2020 by harold

There’s this idea that I see all the time: if I could not work, I wouldn’t.

No you would. You would work. You would do something. Imagine the situation.

You are home, you have family and friends around. No bills, no rent, no job. Everything is fine. Imagine that it’s possible, don’t care about the details. So, you’re enjoying life doing whatever you want, right?

Week 1: fantastic, you don’t even know how to act. Parties, entertainment binges, you name it.

Week 6: you’re doing less of those “happy” things and start realizing that overall life is pretty damn slow when you don’t have to do *anything*.

Month 7: you are bored to death. It’s always the same. And there are a lot of decades to come. You’re over this situation in less than a year.

Purpose. We all need purpose. We all derive pleasure from helping, building, doing something meaningful. You can’t not do anything. If you do in a society, you will find yourself at the edge and pushed out. No social groups like freeloaders. Not in the animal world, even less in the human world. You will have to do something in order to accept yourself and be accepted by others.

That is what is called work. It’s awesome and necessary.

I can see myself waking up early to go do some paint job for an older couple a few blocks away. I can see myself caring about them and doing an excellent job. I can see myself going back home to cook, take a lil nap or a long one if she’s with it. I can see myself go back to the couple’s house and finish it up in a few days. I can see myself smiling at them being excited to have a new, good for another decade, turquoise porch. I can see them “paying” me with food, some structural engineering lessons because he used to do that in the past or a rare funk LP from the 1980s that I would put on when I go back home to have a smoke during sunset, busting moves in my living room.

We are meant to do things. To share, to work. That will never go away. Rent, bills and stocks can go though.


March 24th, 2020 by harold

My housemate’s friend’s grandma passed away from the virus.

Yesterday while I was shooting free throws, homeless folks jumped another one. A Mexican mom and her two sons were running basketball drills. A brother was calmly swinging his golf club on the baseball field. Everything was so quiet. Quiet before things start getting really crazy.

A lot of black people are going to die in this country in the next months. A lot of people are going to get shot over rent and bills.

I just learned that the great Manu Dibango died from the virus. My grandmother who used to have a music store in Paris was telling me how he would hang around in the 70s. His song Soul Makossa influenced a bunch of people.

Stay safe.

I think it’s funny how

March 21st, 2020 by harold

We read it all the freaking time these days. Basically:

“China, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong were able to curve the virus’ spread thanks to an incredible community and mass surveillance system”

And so we have people that are like:

– let’s do the same

– why can’t we do the same?


Yes obviously, very homogenous populations, socially, culturally, will do a better job at fighting a global issue (except for Japan, it looks like they love Denial over there; there’s always exceptions). Yes, for very heterogenous populations like we see in giant cities like Paris London NYC or LA, it is a lot more difficult. We don’t care the same way.

And that’s fine. Why? BECAUSE DIVERSITY IS GOOD. I mostly lived my life in big cities with vibrant communities but I also lived in monolithic cultures. It’s not a debate, plurality is phenomenal. It’s exciting for the mind, it’s invigorating. It’s not easy. It’s valuable as hell.

But now in 2020, after feeling within the past decade how tensions between communities prevail, people flock toward the idea that being separated is the exit to happiness. Sure, it makes things easier to deal with people who feel like you. I’m kind of new to this and it’s completely dope and necessary.

But we need to melt too. Growth. Comprehension. Empathy.

So of course right wing folks are pushing for this “exclusively white people together would be so great, wouldn’t it?” while salivating at the “let’s monitor everyone else!” and I don’t like this shit at all.

If this virus leads democratic countries to autocratic behaviors Imma throw hands, wash them, throw them again ad nauseam.

One week

March 21st, 2020 by harold

The fact that I lost my two jobs and that they’re probably gone for the rest of the year if not forever, is settling down in my mind. That weird zone between denial and acceptance I guess.

Jesus fucking Christ, 2020.

Wing House

March 20th, 2020 by harold

In my research of the best shape ever for a house, I stumbled upon this one. All curves. Curves are fine, pretty much always right?

But in construction and particularly with insulation, the rounder, the better. The problem is that it’s usually weird to have a circle-shaped house. The Wing House opts for half-circle forms and it looks quite fantastic.

I wonder what kind of performance you get in terms of heating and cooling. How it feels to live in a space that seems to extend wherever you settle. I would definitely not have those floors though. Hardwood floors or gtfo, I don’t care. I would also make the pool smaller and slap some grass in the middle of that courtyard. Nature, son. Nature.

It’s a starchitect house so the price is dumb (put on the market for $45M, sold at $25M). But it’s an inspiring one.


March 20th, 2020 by harold

With all that I totally forgot about the elections.

First the primaries and its terrible outcomes. It seems like Bernie won’t be able to win but I hope he can viscerally change Biden’s plans, which pretty much don’t exist because he’s not very good –or is very good, depending on how you see it– at politics. He looks solid to many people, vote for him while Bernie cooks us some good bills. I hope? Man I got nothing. Warren and Sanders not forging an alliance *at all* made me so sad.

That filthy greed for power will kill us all.

Then the presidential election in November. Will we be alive? Will rats have bridges between palm trees? Will my sister continue to send me short stories of her confinement? All I know is that the world will be much different than when this white house race started.

Will compassion and empathy be all the rage then? lol but also seriously, it has to. It has to.

Day 5

March 18th, 2020 by harold

After all of that we know, after having proof of how effective social distancing is, apparently they do not quarantine US citizens coming back from Europe, nor do they test them (at LAX). After they spent hours confined with travelers from all over the world, they can freely roam this country.

Man, we haven’t seen shit yet.

Horniness is off the charts, it’s gotten me. Yesterday was hard, hard for hours if you know what I’ okay I’m sorry. Mmmh.

I have no idea what next week or next month are going to be. Probably same as Day 5 I guess.

Pretty rare in LA

March 18th, 2020 by harold

Ominous clouds during virus pandemic with not a soul in sight but a few who are so far that you don’t even know who you’re waving at? Yup.

I keep shooting.