SFII Audio

January 17th, 2022 by harold

Great article on Street Fighter II’s low level audio.

Trivia: How does Street Fighter accelerates playback speed when a round situation becomes critical (contestant low health). It doesn’t. These are hard-coded separate music tracks.

My whole life I thought SFII audio engine being “MIDI”-based meant that they could simply increase the tempo/accelerate playback for the low health part.

*pikachu face*

On the other hand, it totally makes sense: tons of stuff are hard-coded in games. Tons.

The bottom line in game development is always, if you can make it a dumb asset instead of using precious CPU cycles to do your thing, please fucking do so.

De_Dust II

January 17th, 2022 by harold

The light grey is where you operate; green, where you spawn, red, what you aim/protect.


It’s called Dust II. It’s one of the most amazing piece of architecture in games. Designed by David Johnston, released in 2001, it basically never changed.

That’s ridiculous.

To make one of the most perfectly balanced video game map ever made, played by millions, recording billions of hours on it, still one of the favorite of professional players???? And he ACED it on the first try???? And he made it for FREE????

dlfkjgldfksjgldfkjgsdfigozj I can’t.

2000s internet culture was giving left and right.

(Counter-Strike, my review)


January 17th, 2022 by harold

I asked this 9 year old, short braids-wearing little sister who happened to have watched Squid game while I had not yet:

“Did you like it?”

She answered, looking into the void, kind of distressed, “NO! I didn’t like it, it’s too violent.”

Now that I’ve watched it, I get why she answered like that.

Ultra-violence or violence aesthetic really started in the 90s. Entertainment could be gore or gross before, but the explosion of violence, the normalization of sadism and most brutal aspects of humanity really happened in 90s entertainment.

And then it was just kind of normal. Which means that younger generations grew up on the new ultraviolent normal. Which might have created the mid 2000s Emo culture, as a reaction to constant brutality in entertainment.

Squid game, where people get killed failing at school games, was last fall’s worldwide icon. Ultra-violence is basic pop culture now. Thanks to our collective brains being destroyed by police brutality videos, thousands of headshots in more and more realistic games, school shootings, World Star, 4Chan and so forth, for 20 years, we just take it all in. We’re used to it. Almost a million dead from COVID in the US? LMFAOOO

I want to reverse that, in a way. The hunting and preying culture needs to stop. I so want to see people fancying love and laughs. That shit is brutally awesome. I’m sure this young girl would agree. Ultra-violence is part of the world but it’s not like it’s super cool or that we need more of it…

Stand, we have to

January 17th, 2022 by harold

In no particular order:

  • The rich are getting richer faster than the rest of us.
  • Real wages are stagnant. Social safety nets are constantly being removed.
  • Labor protections have been being rolled back or enforcement lax since the ATC strike.
  • Atomization and alienation have taken root.
  • The mythos of the nuclear family being paramount is fully embedded in the culture, destroying the older concept of a broader family and community taking part in the rearing of the next generation and just general socialization.
  • We’re heading to the failure of multiple systems, including food production and power, due to climate change and the increasing frequency of disastrous weather systems.
  • "Greed is good" has been a value promulgated by the elites for a few generations now.
  • Things are getting more expensive faster than wage growth, especially basics and things needed for economic upward mobility (housing, education, healthcare, etc).
  • Identity politics and wedge issues are dividing people who otherwise have similar interests.
  • Modern life is anxiety and depression inducing, creating a rise in interpersonal conflict.
  • Our government is no longer accountable to the people or representative of them in any real way unless you’re in the top quintile of wealth/income (and that is generous).

All of these things, and many more, are ripping apart the social contract. People no longer feel invested in the wellbeing of the places in which they reside or the governmental and societal systems they are a part of. Instead, they merely endure them with resentment. This won’t end well.

UBI would solve all of that within a few years. We just did it, worldwide, in 2020 and most of 2021! Did the economy crumble? No. Did all that money given to people killed the economy? Also no. Many big companies recorded their best years ever.

That is the best proof you can possibly have that UBI works and would/will safe us.

We have the knowledge, the tools and still time to fix our issues. It’s embarrassing how the resistance to obvious solutions leads us further down the hole while people who could modify laws, who could heavily promote UBI are like “nah bro, it’s a done deal; you can apply for a gig at my tech company if you want the chance to get exploited real quick”.

Keep your head up.

January Ocean

January 17th, 2022 by harold

Wind of change

January 16th, 2022 by harold

I’ve had email conversations lately.

A young customer this week asked me if we had Brave on our machines and I told him “it’s Chrome or IE” and he said “IE is fine, I can’t stand Google”. True story.

Tumblr is apparenty hot these days?

RSS and blogs are hot topics in nerdy forums?

Hey, I’ll take that. This is good.

On Writing

January 16th, 2022 by harold

The thing about writing a blog post is that good writing requires clear thinking, and clear thinking is useful!

It would be nice if we could tap into that benefit in personal journals without publishing a blog, but as far as I can tell, most people write differently when they write only for themselves. There’s a number of benefits of writing for an audience, even if that audience turns out not to exist. When I blog, I feel forced to justify my reasoning and investigate alternatives. I feel the need to explain something a little deeper than whatever literal series of events that I’m talking about.

Exactly. That’s how I end up watchingvery few shows, because I’m always in an internet rabbit hole or clarifying my thoughts about something. I tried writing for myself and that ends up being a mess of unreadable and sad streams of consciousness. Audience –real or not- shifts your brain into “I need to make sense” mode.

Harder, but better.

And the thing is, after doing that for over a decade, I feel clarity for *so* many things. I’ve learned and pondered so much through hundreds of posts. I see the difference when solving issues with people who never write. The ability to dance around angles for a specific problem is big and writing helps tremendously with that.

More importantly, I think blogging needs to proliferate these days because most people need to make sense of things and get more clarity in their lives. Social media and Covid have done mass damage in this sense.

Write it down. Explore. Your mind is free.


January 15th, 2022 by harold

My audio machine has been restored and back to 100% working.

Now the bill for the fix is looking at me like

(Venmo me if you want/can)


January 13th, 2022 by harold

When it’s “I just need to go through this week” but it’s only the second week of the first month of a new pandemic year.

Off Twitter II

January 13th, 2022 by harold

So no Twitter half a year.

Not using Twitter made me realize how small Twitter is. In most of the world, Twitter is irrelevant. There are so many networks and platforms and communities out there. Twitter is just another one.

After about three months, I had forgotten everything about Twitter. It would only pop up in online articles, sometimes, like “so there was this Twitter thread and people fought over that tweet bla bla bla”. This is when I realized what Twitter actually is:

Twitter is 2D Roblox for exhausted adults.

From the outside it really looks like its own metaverse: cliques and their own etiquette, own reality, avatars, power trips and so forth. It is wild to see people well into their 50s or 60s troll like little bitches in high school. But it is happening!

Screenshots are so ubiquitous I always end up seeing the “best” or more accurately, most viral tweets without spending a second logged in on Twitter anyway.

Technology doesn’t care about your business model.