Skate House

September 20th, 2021 by harold

Yes, so pretty cool. (but as you can see on the link, it’s rather dangerous, and limited)

Now hear me out because I’ve been thinking about this for years now: 3D printed houses with indoor/outdoor skateboarding, hello!

Banks from the couch to outside patio. Quarters from outside patio to concrete benches, aka ledges.

Basically an habitable tiny skate park. When not used to skate those elements become chilling, reading, lazy areas.

The future of cities and communities lays in 3D-printing factories that we would deploy like we do in a RTS game.

uh sorry kid

September 19th, 2021 by harold

Imagine that you’re eleven right now in 2021.

You’re sent to school. No vaccine for you, everyone says “it’s fine!”

You get COVID-19, get a little sick and recover.

You now have lost your sense of smell and taste. At eleven.

Would you trust any adult ever again?

The future we’re building right now? There won’t be enough therapists for sure.

LA housing

September 18th, 2021 by harold

There is no shortage of housing in Los Angeles. If there’s one, it is artificially created by landlords.

All the talks about killing single family housing to build more is real estate talk about profiting more, and nothing else.

BlackRock, a powerful hedge fund, is also buying buildings in Paris. They’re buying everything, everywhere, not to house people —this is what housing is for, mostly— but to make a giant profit or reap the benefits of streams of income. They can buy entire neighborhoods, cash, immediately. That’s unprecedented.

Affordable housing is a red flag at this point. When Ballmer announces $80M dedicated to affordable housing, it’s complete bullshit: developers get the money, build a 50-apartment building with 2 of them being studios and being affordable. Technically, they offer affordable housing.

Parking permits are pure extortion. Etc.

Greed is the most despicable thing on earth. We’ve got to fight this.

(and f the Olympics)


September 18th, 2021 by harold

We’re losing so much humanity wearing masks. 50% of our faces’ cues are gone. I prefer to be on a video call than in person with masks on, by far. Yet physical proximity is nice too. After eight months in isolation, it certainly feels great at first. But then half your face is gone and I can’t really “read” you at all.

Also masks make our faces all wrinkly and stuff. Kids are really going to look like this soon.

Growing up in this paradigm, oh my god. I’m sorry y’all.


September 14th, 2021 by harold

Apparently the world still loves 1970s detective show Columbo. It’s good! And like the article says, “Whereas series on streaming services often stretch out story arcs over as many episodes as is profitable, with a string of mini-cliff hangers, Columbo shoots its shot immediately: you see the killer, their backstory, motive and the deed itself within 20 minutes, before Columbo even arrives on screen.”

Grandma absolutely loved that show and I got into it with her, back in the days when the reruns were rerunning.

Another thing I hadn’t realized before reading that article is that Columbo happens in Los Angeles! I was watching this from the floor of a French countryside home usually during fall and winter, aka Grey Weather.

And now I remember that actually, sometimes exteriors with the very large, sunny Californian blue sky in the back and our detective in a trench coat sniffing around looked definitely off.

I kind of want to watch many episodes, giggling at murders.

Supply storm

September 12th, 2021 by harold

There it is. Considering that there’s no stock as I already have been experiencing it for the past three weeks, it’s just going to be crazy this fall and winter. Oh my god.

The situation doesn’t look better with essentials like coffee and I imagine tea as well.

Bread is up 30%. (it goes without saying, if simple ingredients are hit, complex ones are going to be very, very expensive)

Dear future, uh, wow.

GOAT stuff

September 6th, 2021 by harold

Shout out to my parents for taking care of their parents the way they did.

It’s pretty much impossible to do a better job.

From taking them in for a decade, to taking care of them in a retirement home as close as possible to the house, to visiting them as often as possible, they did it all with minimal bitching and constant attention.

Not an easy thing to do.


September 6th, 2021 by harold

I talked to my parents yesterday and they told me that they were going to see grandma daily these days but that she wasn’t communicating anymore. Just nodding a bit and giving a smile.

Last night in the shower I teared up thinking about her, not really knowing exactly why. In the morning my sister’s email gave me the news.

She transitioned in her sleep at near 96, not bad. Not bad at all.

I loved my grandma. She was so sweet.

Black Film Archive

September 5th, 2021 by harold

Wow, so glad this exists, thank you Maya (you can tip her here)!

I always wondered how those movies, which are hard to find even on the outskirts of the internet, would be preserved and I’m stupid because YouTube and one black lady was enough to take care of all of that.

I feel like all those movies should be in one zipped folder and shared to all, if I’m using my freedom of speech. Otherwise, yeah subscribe to everything and stream them all I guess.

Would love to see the 80s and 90s as well. And then expand to the world?

Sound dynamic

September 5th, 2021 by harold

It’s a perfect example of the perfect storm of history, technology and lack of understanding that there’s no middle class anymore.

Historically, sound is king in the theater. So sound engineers always aimed to reproduce that experience. Because theaters are acoustically far different from standard living rooms, it never made any sense except on paper: let’s try to give folks the best sonic experience. Except that before 00s, everything was standardized through analog technology and sound was fine: you could listen to movies and hear everything perfectly fine even on a mono, 13 inches TV.

Technology showed up. DVD players —finally the TRUE movie experience is at home—, surround sound systems exploded in popularity while movie sets and production transitioned to fully digital.

This is where and when sound became a second thought. Too low? Now people have digital devices, they can crank up the volume at three different levels, let’s not bother. Too loud? Well, it’s loud because you’re using a cheap or not-calibrated 5.1 system and you should be happy about shaking your room! Cinema at home, yay!

No. People are trying to enjoy a movie and shaking the room with basses or filling the room with whispers is not necessary better for the experience. If they wanted that, they’d go to that thing called movie theater.

Broadcast loudness standards are too many: standard TV, movies, US/Europe, Netflix, Amazon. Everyone has a different one or with enough variations that the standard isn’t standard. Why? Because it’s easy to re-calibrate digital audio and do your own recipe, compared to the analog days where you didn’t have non-destructive edit options. So everyone is trying to impose their shit.

That digital edit easiness has permeated video as well: they edit shows as if you were watching them in a dark, movie theater, which is why you need to play with brightness on TV too now. Because the digital panel making your TV really is showing black when it’s supposed to be black: pre-2000 tech didn’t allow you to have perfect black. Yes, perfect tech can be a problem because our senses are variables and differ from one individual to another.

But also, middle class. Producers look at market research that says “well, people bought a lot of surround systems”. And that’s it, they aim that. The reality is that no one really uses surround systems. And hasn’t in the past 20 years. People bought one system, saw that it was annoying, are back to TV speakers usually with a soundbar (which is another level of craziness in terms of sound reproduction because of all those dumb ass DSPs but anyways). The idea that a decent amount of folks use 5.1 systems is a total myth.

People most likely watch shows in good old stereo, through speakers or headphones, aka there’s no need for the movie theater sound mixing paradigm. Just balance dialog, music and effects, you’re done. Don’t try to add so much dynamic (dynamic being the difference between the softest sound and the loudest: the bigger the difference, the better). It’s like artificial dramatization, it’s kind of weird.

Which makes me think that it might be the issue here: there’s just too much entertainment, and people producing it don’t have the experience/knowledge to create “stand-alone” stuff and rely on tricks: dramatization of sound, ultra slow meetings between characters while nothing happens for fucking 10 minutes, very long  and complacent shots etc.