Gender war

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I feel that a real gender war is going to happen. Historically, we never really fought over this, women were too busy cooking in the kitchen. This era started to end with my mom’s generation. Gender conflict is the last conflict. It has to happen.

I read all the Kotaku stuff for instance, and here what’s happening: there’s a lot of sexism in computer games, OK. Writers call it out, people react, some people think they are wrong some people think they are right. At the end, the most annoyed crowd -the sexist douchebags- is taking it personally and gets apeshit in the comments section and everywhere on the internet and probably in their lives.

As a side-effect, a lot of guys who didn’t subscribe to sexism nor feminism are feeling that they have to choose a side. They obviously choose the side where there is more bros. Bros before… You get it. They also feel being treated like shit with these serious articles about women representation in the biggest entertainment medium of the after boomer world.

As a feminist dude who doesn’t like religious systems, I never spend time to proselyte guys. If you can’t see by yourself the benefits or try to see what world a much better equality would bring, I will not change your mind and I will not feed your troll attitude. You need to be ready for it, you know, Yoda style and all that. Usually happens when your little boy’s club-bro world goes down.

But anyway, my point is that conflict is def heating up and I feel that it’s going to get ugly, uglier. Here’s why:

-Women are for the most part in the West at work and for many, running a triple job madness: (shitty) job, child job and house job. They are pissed and tired but also ready to rumble. Because they do rumble, right fucking now.

-Men are starting to see the benefits of not working like crazy and enjoying hanging around with a stroller.

-This creates a trend where women work even more than before while still not getting the top spots and benefits, and men work less while maintaining all the privileges they got from decades of a dude-centered economy, like not cleaning anything behind them or not knowing what stuff to buy to sustain the house.

-Therefore families are not traditional families anymore: for the first time, family isn’t the corner stone of society; single mom, a single dad, a gay couple, a grandmother living with her daughter, you name it. Siblings and friends, parents, everything is mixed up now. Everybody can take any “role”. Stability isn’t the norm anymore. No need to shut up, then. Women access rebellion as much as men do.

Gender selection and imbalance. “These authors report that more girls have been killed in the last 50 years, just because they were girls, than the number of males who were killed in all the wars of the 20th century.” Yes, you read that right.

-Everywhere in the world where women are treated with less respect than a piece of furniture, they are fighting back because enough is enough. When you can be gang raped and set on fire in your own home, just like that, I think you have the right to defend yourself and not trust any men, ever. This shit is happening everyday and now that information flows so fast, women are talking about it more than ever. They are empowering themselves against the insane violence men can inflict to them and it’s changing things, as we speak. Meanwhile they work like crazy, I mean they are slaves for us. All our digital stuff is built by young, amazing Chinese women hands. Someday, they will understand the power they have and it will be payback time.

-Bi and transgender people. They are around, they are getting louder and society hasn’t done anything for them to live without fear and guilt yet. As gay people transformed our society and our views on relationships, bi and trans people will too. They will question our stupid bias and irrational behaviors toward sex. It’s gonna be fun.


All that together, projected in the next few years means more friction. More friction means a higher chance of extremes. Which means war, blood, cut penises, bad behaviors, and so forth.

It’s not that I want to see this to happen, but if we need to go through that so that we can have a better society, let’s do this. Historically, it seems that the only way we make progress is through violence, pain and suffering. We’re that smart.

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  1. Harold Says:

    Btw, I forgot to say that the all raping and killing women is happening everywhere in the world. We just had a case over the weekend in France, a thirteen year old girl raped and killed by a seventeen year old recidivist. Fuck.

  2. Romain Says:


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