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I miss the ol Email

Saturday, June 24th, 2017

Email was so cool. We have the best email clients now but omg do we get spammed. And the spam is getting better while filters are getting worse, real emails stuck in the junk folder is expected now. And these days some spam looks ridiculously real, it’s easy to make a mistake in the morning and click a link from one of those.

Email was more central to communication, everything was happening there. Some notifications from time to time but mostly discussions. I loved that I had everything in one place. Short inquiries or long forms it didn’t matter but also we didn’t have access to it most of the day unless we were staying in front of a pretty big computer, which was a good way to curb addiction.



Friday, June 23rd, 2017

Culver City
Main streets with businesses, side streets with homes. Copy/paste forever.

I just love the suburbs. I always did.

First I grew up in a small village. Which is great Quality of Life but you understand pretty quickly that it’s too small: you know everyone and everyone knows your every move. For decades to come. It’s kind of wrong at some point.

The city. I spent a lot of time in Paris, roaming sidewalks with my grandparents, skateboarding later. I’ve never loved it. I don’t think it’s neat to live in towers and move under the earth all day, all year long. We despise cockroaches but we live exactly like them and like to pretend that it’s the ultimate thing. Great (unaffordable or run-down) buildings, nice (always late and ultra-packed) trains and complete anonymity filled with neighbors going crazy in their small boxes.

I’m not for it.

The suburbs. A mix of neighborhoods and industries on a horizontal plane. That’s the favorite part of my childhood and of my life today: biking around, discovering a part of the city that is half taken over by Nature, half an ancient factory. Skating a brand new plaza. Driving a few miles to go to a friend’s backyard and BBQ all evening. Easy parking. Walking and saying hi. Being in the open, no wind tunnel created by high verticals. The suburbs doesn’t care about what it is. It just is. It mutates and yet stays the same. it’s the trifecta of shelter, work and nature. It’s simple, real and human.

In a world where telecommuting, driverless cars and communities are becoming so prominent, suburbs will expand. I mean they should.

Hot takes finals

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

That game 4 was pure bullshit. Someone got paid. The Warriors lost by a combined 5 points without the fouls in the first quarter and of course, Cleveland wouldn’t have shot that well with Golden State right behind on an elimination game. Suspicious af.

KD is pretty good at basketball. At the same time he was the only one big name on the floor that didn’t have a ring and it showed. Mofo didn’t stop and was ultra efficient. Jesus.

LeBron… I told my friend that to win he needs to have some midrange jumpers in his arsenal. Why? Because they consume 1/3 of what a drive to the basket costs. He never does it because he sucks at it so he drives and is gassed in the second half. He’s either going to the basket, passing at the last second or shooting 3s. We all know. Might be a coincidence but: MJ, Kobe, Hakeem, Duncan, Dirk, Kawhi. Kevin Durant. They all have/had a “goes in 100% of the time” midrange shot to counter a tough team. LeBron thinks he can just leave that shit to someone else but that’s not enough, if you’re the star player you need options and the ability to bring chaos. A good midrange J is annoying as hell for any defense. How the fuck do you guard someone who can shoot/pass at anytime, from anywhere? The Cavs were too obvious against GS’s defense and we all know that they got very lucky last year. We also all knew that their defense was tuuurrible. They didn’t disappoint.

The Warriors are not invincible though, the Spurs showed it for half a game (they also beat them 2-1 during the regular season). Intense defense and smart, tall players give them all the trouble they don’t want. The Pelicans new duo –AD/DMC- aka the Twin Towers might be the answer. Tall players that can do everything at a more than decent rate are the future of the NBA.

The Cleveland Specialists lost to the Golden State Generalists. Good Game, Peace.

Dave pls

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

“Get a blog. If your ideas have any value put them on the open web. Facebook is trying to kill it. Trust me you will hate yourself if they succeed. Same with Google.“


It’s 2017. For years you played dumb with Facebook and Google, acting like they would not just try to kill everything that is on their path to lucrative margins. They’re companies, of course they’d suffocate RSS and the open web! You are a developer, you lived the 90s with MS, you are one of the very first blogger and you couldn’t see that coming? I don’t believe that.

I want the same as you: people independently owning their own spaces online, sharing their thoughts. And for that we can’t be whiny for a decade, we need to bring up actual solutions. Allow me to be blunt: no one cares, not even a second about technical detail. It’s a classic issue: developer gets so worked up with his/her own software, she/he forgets what the goal of those pieces of code are. We need a blogging solution, a full package now. For everyone, not the three friends who like to set up software on a server.

People type, record stuff on their phones or laptops and want to put it online and get it done quickly. That’s the Facebook lesson. No user should care about the backend, that’s the hosting companies and nerds problem. No user should care about syntax to format text, bring familiar GUI, allow people to flow.

Users need to be able to:

– buy/lease online space.

– produce and share anything they want, from paragraphs to live streaming.

– be able to archive and move to another online space with their stuff whenever they want.

All that in a few clicks. There are no other way. The other way is called “stay behind a private walled garden” because people are intellectually lazy and also, it just works. *opportunity shows up*

We need those tools now and yesterday: 10 year old kids today only know walled gardens and don’t understand the importance of the open web. Let’s go devs!

Technology nitro-boost

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017


Earliest estimation for computers to beat humans at Go was 2027. It was done by 2015. Two years later, not only computers can beat the best Go players in the world but it’s done with ten times less power. Last month the games were close but ultimately the machine won and probably would forever. AlphaGo is retiring.

It’s very difficult to grasp what Google learned here but it’s probably prodigious. Damn.

Other news, they just announced 5nm process ready for chips, which is a staggering achievement. That’s 3 times smaller than the current 14nm top of the line, still pretty rare. We cram 5 billion transistors in current chips, we will be able to go for 30B in a few years. That’s a lot of computing power guys, I try to imagine it. I can’t. I think it will be enough for machines to take over everything. Of course, there’s more innovation –that we don’t know yet- to come. I mean.

Your kids will not have any jobs. You should probably not have kids and if you do, don’t be surprised if they basically become Wall-E’s humans. They won’t leave their VR headsets and will cry when not getting an achievement for putting their socks on.

Brace yourself, it’s coming.

It don’t matter if you have no defense

Sunday, June 4th, 2017

People always are realizing after game 1 of the NBA finals that basketball is a team sport.

The finals are always about defense.

That’s something Cleveland is not so great at. Yeah yeah last year bla bla but it was the exception, not the norm. The odds are not in this happening again.

After those playoffs and the circlejerk around LeBron I was curious and watched some of those old 90s WCF/ECF. Boy. Those playoffs have everything: 3-5pt  game until the last second, fans loosing their entire shit when a player hits ONE three, bricks thrown at, hands in the face everywhere… Look at the ‘93 ECSF Knicks VS Bulls in 6 games. Games were exciting and it really feels like the Bulls –who seem so invincible in our memory- were not doing so well. they had to fight damn hard to get to the finals. I remember reading magazines thinking “that big New York dude, Ewing, he might win it all this year” except it never happened. Because it’s a team sport and one dude or two isn’t enough.

People forget that aspect. MJ was showing up on both ends of the floor then Pippen would too then Grant would too and so forth.

This is what is happening right now with the Warriors. It’s not about individual stats and one guy doing everything, it’s about the actual teamwork and communication and all about adapting to the opponent. And they’re damn good at this. Spurs in 6 tho I don’t care.

Listening to music

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

It’s difficult to measure exactly how better audio people become at listening to music. In my case, it started with bass. Before playing bass in a band, I didn’t care so much about instruments I had my preferences and knew some of them I guess but didn’t care so much. Now I’m playing the 4-strings bottom so I’m more into that. It took over my life.

The first step was to watch music videos but the 80s sucked at that because you would have people fake playing instruments that have nothing to do with the music. It was confusing as hell. They didn’t even plug instruments in! In the 90s with the resurrection of rock and guitars, it was much better. I was spotting the longer neck, and big strings and looking at what bass players would do.

These days I can hear a clap, the reverb behind it and tell you if it’s Dayton or Kashif. It means I can recognize an artist with no melody or harmony information, just on a mere 900ms of percussive sound. It’s kind of nuts how much you can train your ear. I loved it when I started to be able to recognize styles of production. I remember being like I KNEW IT when I heard the Ross Robinson-produced Limp Biskit’s first LP. I knew that sound.

Sound is a mix of specific brands of instruments, specific effects, composition skills and mixing techniques… And they all influence each other constantly. It’s hard to pinpoint but your ears know, they will sense it. Knowledge obviously plays a huge part. Once you play some Stratocaster and Les Paul guitars, you know and understand. Once you know that FM rhodes sound, or that 808 hit hat, you know. And once you listen to Nile Rodgers Pharrell or Thom Bell for a while, you know too. It takes years, decades. So many parameters to memorize and remember.

As often with everything people are either too much into the detail “I think he uses this keyboard but the thing is busted so it sounds different” or don’t know nothing about musical instruments or the basics of low and high frequencies. Sigh.

Music is organized and satisfying noises layered in a convenient package and I love it so much.

Fast Lane

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

LA, 2017.

The age of spin

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

Yo Dave,

I was watching your last standup special again after a few months and man, the “he rapes but he saves” thing I mean it’s smart and real but… Fuck no to the hell nah.

Nah because you know it: all women on earth, 100% of them, including the ones not born yet and the ones gone will experience that creepy ass motherfuckingly disgusting behavior that some of us men have and that we most of us (RIGHT?) condemn. So that makes us not really qualified to joke on this you know what I mean? And you do it well, I don’t think you could go through that joke on stage with lights on your face better than you did but…

I don’t know why I picture your wife going “nigga you’ll see” on you but I do. My girl on my couch, women in the audience, none are not like “wait, that’s not funny is it?” pondering, which is bad in itself. But also I giggle and I feel stupid and sad because I know that it’s because I’m not as concerned about rape as women are. Shit is wrong. Fuck rape, nothing to laugh at there when half the planet will have to deal with it in a way or another.

About Bill Cosby. Fuck him. He will stay in history just because he also did marvelous things, whatever. I’m like you a care bear-raised, Cosby-was-so-important-to-me type of dude. I want him to be gone from the realm of heroes though because we have to have standards as much as possible and we can’t be sad about a grown ass, smart dude doing that fucked up shit. Fuck that.

I thought we would find the weirdest shit about Prince like some appalling fetish or something. Dude wore heels but he was a simple romantic and kind of a nerdy lover for what I read. He probably stole credits for some songs here and there like his guitar licks straight outta Carlos Santana’s playbook, but that’s it. That’s all the wrong he did. We should celebrate him as a hero of ours more. Make jokes about him and his absurd life, celebrate how much life he gave to the entire human sexual spectrum, all that shit. Maybe that’s bad material I’m just bitching on a blog.

Anyway I love you bruh and I hope you leave that rape/save/cosby combo that makes my head tilt 30° sideways in the past. Peace,


Monday, May 22nd, 2017

Edward Crawford.

Deandre Joshua.

Darren Seals.

Jordan Edwards.

Richard Collins III.

Timothy Caughman.

I will not forget about you. I wish I could hold you tight and know for sure that you are here. Alive. Breathing.

The pain, the anger, the exhaustion.