E booo

For the first time in the press people stood up against E3 and its ridiculous show. Look, E3 was great when I was a kid: getting the three or four magazine summer issues with all the last games, last hardware and here and there some boobs was the SHIT. When I was twelve.

12 years in the game industry and 20 years later. E3 still rolls on a mix of explosions, female curves and cute overload aesthetics and you think I’m going to enjoy that? Fuck no. Of course I feel embarrassed. Like a lot of developers do, especially older developers. In twenty years on TV we went from Dallas to Breaking Bad. What did we do? We went from Mario to Mario.

Computer games don’t need no trade show, I don’t know why we still pretend. We have the GDC, internet, selling. Consoles are getting so irrelevant, they are computers with updates as PCs and TVs now. There’s no need for a trade show like that. Just tweet a YouTube link and if your game is awesome this will spread.

Now I feel sorry for all the teams crunching for E3 demos -I’ve been there- and working their ass off to deliver what the publisher wants, but at the same time I’m not going to get excited for another kind of retarded third person shooter. I’m not going to get excited by another iteration just because I know it’s a lot of work. It doesn’t work this way.

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