This is what you can do with audio today with a $4000 computer. To give you an idea this pretty cheap PC can record a philharmonic orchestra, simulate two 12-people bands’ instruments (24 virtual instruments), put effects over everything, synchronize a video over all this music, all at the same time in HD and still have room for more.

It’s more power than one person behind the Digital Audio Workstation can dream of for his entire life. We can play 24/192 digital audio files but it makes no sense. I think we’re set with digital audio for a while.

I can do a lot already with my modest dual core. Like 50 tracks and a dozen of virtual instruments and another dozen of audio effects at 2 ms. It’s huge. So many possibilities. I can create a chain of effects in a few clicks that would have taken DAYS of preparation forty years ago.

It’s overwhelming but that’s every musician’s dream since the beginning of recording music, the ability to control in an easy way the process of actually making music, not just playing it.

For that Garage Band on the iPad is amazing, making recording music even more simple.

Times are fast and I feel like it’s hard to keep up when things that were just a dream a decade ago become the norm later in your life. It’s kind of wow. There’s so much to learn.

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