20 times

I went to bed with this number, 20 times.

I woke up, thought about it again. 20 times. The median white family in the US has twenty times more wealth than the median black family. I don’t know for you but I can’t even really grasp what it means. Twice as much, I can and it’s already a lot. Four times? I can get it and I”m all grossed out. Twenty times? I still haven’t heard anyone being like “wow if we have riots again I’ll know why amirite” and I didn’t see this document being reblogged and reposted. Gay rights, women rights animal rights whatever but no black people rights. People don’t share this shit. That’s too scary. That’s searching for trouble. Why is that?

If it’s twenty times in the US I can’t even imagine what’s like in France, probably forty? We’ll never know though.

And what the fuck am I hoping for? I don’t know, just jumping through hoops. Feeling sweaty.

It’s still like the jungle and it’s not just sometimes.

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