I first heard of the Game Developer Conference mid 90s, in a monthly magazine called Joystick back in France. Articles about the GDC were all written by the same woman, who much later on became a friend but anyway, every year I couldn’t wait for the March issue.

Her GDC articles definitely are in part responsible for where I am now. It really made me intensely want to tackle the audio part of game development. I always wanted to be in that middle.


I did it all mostly alone covering, understanding, training myself on every single point of this diagram. I never went to the GDC and I’m going in two days. I look at my archive blogging 1,000 words on the GDC 2005, trying to read as much information as possible… I didn’t cover the last two. Too busy and exhausted by side gigs.

Lots of feels right now. I’m going to meet people I’ve had game audio and game development conversations for a decade online. T-shirt printed. Business cards almost done.

I’m good. I’m anxious. I love this shit. I’m excited. I’m scared. I’m eager.

2 Responses to “GDC17Commences”

  1. Damian Kastbauer Says:

    “I’m good. I’m anxious. I love this shit. I’m excited. I’m scared. I’m eager.” – Me every year!

    So glad to finally make the ‘choco’ connection and see you out there in the world of game audio doing the hustle. Way to go and looking forward to what the future holds!

  2. harold Says:

    So, so glad Damian. I’m still thinking about it, I’m still in love with that moment! A big hug in San Francisco before drinking some coffee and connecting with the community… Dangerously good.

    I hope to work with you one day, skypin’ and sendin’ files along the west coast…

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