The age of spin

Yo Dave,

I was watching your last standup special again after a few months and man, the “he rapes but he saves” thing I mean it’s smart and real but… Fuck no to the hell nah.

Nah because you know it: all women on earth, 100% of them, including the ones not born yet and the ones gone will experience that creepy ass motherfuckingly disgusting behavior that some of us men have and that we most of us (RIGHT?) condemn. So that makes us not really qualified to joke on this you know what I mean? And you do it well, I don’t think you could go through that joke on stage with lights on your face better than you did but…

I don’t know why I picture your wife going “nigga you’ll see” on you but I do. My girl on my couch, women in the audience, none are not like “wait, that’s not funny is it?” pondering, which is bad in itself. But also I giggle and I feel stupid and sad because I know that it’s because I’m not as concerned about rape as women are. Shit is wrong. Fuck rape, nothing to laugh at there when half the planet will have to deal with it in a way or another.

About Bill Cosby. Fuck him. He will stay in history just because he also did marvelous things, whatever. I’m like you a care bear-raised, Cosby-was-so-important-to-me type of dude. I want him to be gone from the realm of heroes though because we have to have standards as much as possible and we can’t be sad about a grown ass, smart dude doing that fucked up shit. Fuck that.

I thought we would find the weirdest shit about Prince like some appalling fetish or something. Dude wore heels but he was a simple romantic and kind of a nerdy lover for what I read. He probably stole credits for some songs here and there like his guitar licks straight outta Carlos Santana’s playbook, but that’s it. That’s all the wrong he did. We should celebrate him as a hero of ours more. Make jokes about him and his absurd life, celebrate how much life he gave to the entire human sexual spectrum, all that shit. Maybe that’s bad material I’m just bitching on a blog.

Anyway I love you bruh and I hope you leave that rape/save/cosby combo that makes my head tilt 30° sideways in the past. Peace,

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