Hot takes finals

That game 4 was pure bullshit. Someone got paid. The Warriors lost by a combined 5 points without the fouls in the first quarter and of course, Cleveland wouldn’t have shot that well with Golden State right behind on an elimination game. Suspicious af.

KD is pretty good at basketball. At the same time he was the only one big name on the floor that didn’t have a ring and it showed. Mofo didn’t stop and was ultra efficient. Jesus.

LeBron… I told my friend that to win he needs to have some midrange jumpers in his arsenal. Why? Because they consume 1/3 of what a drive to the basket costs. He never does it because he sucks at it so he drives and is gassed in the second half. He’s either going to the basket, passing at the last second or shooting 3s. We all know. Might be a coincidence but: MJ, Kobe, Hakeem, Duncan, Dirk, Kawhi. Kevin Durant. They all have/had a “goes in 100% of the time” midrange shot to counter a tough team. LeBron thinks he can just leave that shit to someone else but that’s not enough, if you’re the star player you need options and the ability to bring chaos. A good midrange J is annoying as hell for any defense. How the fuck do you guard someone who can shoot/pass at anytime, from anywhere? The Cavs were too obvious against GS’s defense and we all know that they got very lucky last year. We also all knew that their defense was tuuurrible. They didn’t disappoint.

The Warriors are not invincible though, the Spurs showed it for half a game (they also beat them 2-1 during the regular season). Intense defense and smart, tall players give them all the trouble they don’t want. The Pelicans new duo –AD/DMC- aka the Twin Towers might be the answer. Tall players that can do everything at a more than decent rate are the future of the NBA.

The Cleveland Specialists lost to the Golden State Generalists. Good Game, Peace.

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