I had no idea about Kevin Hart’s disease. Man, how come you cheat on your ex-wife with your currently pregnant wife that you cheat on, again??? Like, how many fucking times are you going to try to slowly cross the freeway at night and expect to make it to the other side?? It’s absurd. Y’all are spineless, soulless worms.

A lot of people cheat, right. I don’t, never did. The worst I did was to french kiss a woman while I was on a break with my girlfriend almost 20 years ago and even in that case it felt so wrong. My girlfriend didn’t stop at kissing and I was like “wtf?? Also ffffuuu” when we went back together. I’m laughing at it now but just to say, I can’t do someone wrong like that. Maybe that’s why I sleep like a baby, loyal like an old hound. Feelings matter. Sleep does too.

Jay Z. I’m wondering if it was/is a sexual thing that Beyoncé doesn’t want to perform or maybe she vocalizes going to the bathroom at night all the time so he got fed up, had to get in the SUV for a ride and get his dick sucked, I don’t know. What I know though, is how do you fix such a massive betrayal? How can you even trust this person, ever? How can you fake everything forever afterwards? Money? Well yeah but still… Imagine you have absolutely everything and you can’t trust the ONE person next to you. That’s a trip.

There’s a design problem: loyalty and respect are supposed to be the right thing and yet they’re considered normal WHILE apparently most people aren’t loyal nor respect their partners. There’s no incentive to do the right thing. So people cheat, find dumb excuses and complain that the devil is out there. ‘fuck outta here.

Have open marriages and shit, people. Own it. Be real. Change the game. Or masturbate more, be emotionally more independent you needy ass bums.

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