Stay strong


The memoir is going.

Reading others’ biographies, I realize that it was hard work for them too. Only usually they have an editor and people encouraging them, I just do it all on my own. I told my parents about it, they said “ok”. Okay, then.

People talk about taking notes and organizing them in the real world of paper and physics, I do it all in my head. Four decades, four parts. I wrote in chronological order.  If there’s something I forgot to talk about I note it in my head and keep thinking about it until I finally write it down. I do that for everything in my life, from EQ settings for a kick drum to things to send at work or tasks to do at home. I’m lazy, my memory is always with me, closer than a phone or a notebook. I use post-it for dumb things like moving the car for street cleaning.

I’m exhausted and burned out mentally. But then I find the energy again and again.

I’m job hunting like a demon, still. Living the leanest life I’ve ever lived.

I broke my bike’s rear wheel axle. I biked over 9000 km (6,000+ miles) in the past four years.

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