Mainstream news are trash

Hold up, Reuters.

The first article I read about the Las Vegas shooting immediately references 2015 Paris attacks.

Reuters, established in 1851, compares and claims that a single, old white man in America shooting over fifty people dead for no reason –for now at least- is reminiscent of a bunch of young French Arabs attacking a rock concert with a clear motive?

How. The. Fuck.

How can you be so desperate for attention that you write that kind of horrifying shortcut? How can you lack so much integrity while being such an old and experienced news agency? How can you go to sleep knowing that you fuel racial tensions with blatant lies? Those two events have nothing in common at all.

How come a news agency compares America and France’s tragedies but never go like “while America is debating on universal healthcare, most countries on earth have been enjoying a version of it for decades.”

Mainstream news have become the worst of trash.

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