People are said to be excited by AR but can’t mention one single reason or one application where it would actually change their lives for the better. Also people in 2009: “I want notifications!!!” and in 2017: “no I don’t omg make them disappear please”.

If you download a movie you might get a letter telling you that they will cut your connection if you persist but tax evasion in the hundreds of billion dollars offshore is “in the spirit of laws” so it’s fine. Flint still has no clean water.

I lost track of how many VR systems there are out there but it’s a lot and when looking at all time peak stats I only see single to triple digits players. That’s ghastly. Outside developers, I’ve never seen anyone using one.

There’s a new programming language called Pony. People code in Pony now. If they code in Octopus or Calzone in 2020, don’t bother asking.

Elon Musk unveils $200K car and an electric truck and has the weirdest transportation ideas. Elon, we good on that front. We made tremendous progress since the Prius, people don’t move that much and half of pollution comes from cooling/heating buildings anyway. Disrupt housing, man.

People are happy to download iOS to fix the most inexcusable bugs on $1000 phones like it’s totally fine and normal. It just works.

I see programmers on Hacker News arguing about why we don’t need that much JavaScript on websites because most of them are static pages. Bitch, we knew. We told you years ago but y’all needed jobs and now the web is technically a monstrously inefficient pile of shit.

Here on the west coast people throw free joints at you at traffic lights, in Portugal all drugs are legal and in France you will soon get a $375 fine for smoking cannabis, the weakest link. What le fuck.

Lack of consistency and nonsense just get on my nerves so much.

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