Simulations are doing fine


Green line: Wolfenstein II, a big single-player game that just came out.

Blue line: Stardew Valley, a small single-player game that came out last year.

Orange line: Euro Truck Simulator 2, a medium single-player game that came out years ago.

Wolfenstein, which probably cost more than Euro Truck and Stardew combined times two or three and which just came out –that is, when peak interest is at its highest- is already engaging players less than games that came out many months ago.

It’s a rough business. But there are opportunities.

There is a wide, very wide spectrum of games that people like to play. Stardew Valley is a one-man made farming simulator averaging almost 10K players at any time, that’s tremendous.

Imagine a band touring and having 30,000 people every night to see them. That’s Euro Truck Simulator 2 and you’ve never heard of that game. We really can’t say people don’t play or are a fleeting crowd that buys games for cheap and never play them. People like to play games, no doubt!

We just under or overestimate a whole lot of things.

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