Sweet Dog

I spent the weekend with my favorite dog.

Sweet Paw

He was on the couch like this, facing me while I was editing pages of some book. He would stare at me, making sure that I wouldn’t leave or get ready to go somewhere. When I went to the bathroom, he busted the door open and seeing me telling him “heyyy” he ran away, like a little kid in fake trouble. Once I settled on my laptop, he closed his eyes and started to drift away. That’s when I snapped this picture.

The day before after freezing for a second when I opened the door, he greeted me with so much excitement. His heart was pounding in his chest like it was about to dislocate itself. I like rubbing his chest, making him feel proud. Also it’s so soft.

We played. We ran. We met other dogs. He tried to jump two wolf-ish husky on the sidewalk. He growled at one that really looks like a damn wolf, just looking at him from the bed, inside. He really hates those. We walked in the sun, he loves that so much.  We got barked at from an off leash border collie and my dude simply froze at my feet raising his eyes, looking for instructions. So cute knowing that he could end this dumb ass’s life in a few minutes.

Sweet Potato

He played the silly dog, jumped around on the couch, rolled over. He’s getting stiff but he’s staying young. When it’s time for me to go, he has three states: sleeping/too tired to care, annoyed/knows he’s going to be alone and excited/wants to go with me in which case he stands there in the way, mildly whining. It was one of those times. It’s hard but I don’t escalate the sad energy I just open my nostrils to the max and slowly close the door.

He is a good dog. Probably the best on earth, I know them all shhh.

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