Phila whoopin Western conference 4th seed’s ass hello? The Sixers having a scary as shit month. I call him INDEED EMBIID now. I saw a play where Simmons just torture super athletic Iguadala under the basket like he’s a toy. Ben Simmons is a devilishly good rookie. Best game I’ve seen this year was Sixers vs Mavs, it was awesome.

The key to win is to be unpredictable. And if possible, to offer some entertainment to people.

My Spurs doing pretty well so far but can’t wait for Parker and Leonard to come back. The Pels are doing a little too well, they’re getting more stable with Rondo. The Two Towers are real. So is Filthy Kyrie. All those teams are pretty hard to decipher. What will be the next play? Exactly.

The Raptors are meshing harder and harder. I think their game vs the Warriors was amazing, they figured some shit out. But they still are predictable. So are the Warriors even though they’re so good it’s not an issue. It is with Cleveland. Houston wins with ease but seriously, the 3s all the time? Not fun to watch, even though Harden is unreal from behind the arc.

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