Bye 2017

If I had to describe my life this year: Insecure meets Bojack Horseman.

It’s been a crazy rich year in which I did everything to get back on my feet but in which I became poorer than ever at the same time? Things don’t make sense.

It’s also been the blackest year of my life. That’s what triggered me to write a few pages. Just the other day… I can’t even explain. Definitely have enough to write another book. I still live in the same cool place with two women and a gay dude. Not much drama, pretty much none actually but a lot of “it’s funny how” moments. Race/culture/class/gender dancing around… It’s vivid.

One co-worker thinks I’m a student, it’s hilarious. “no school this week?” she asks. I’m like, “no?” and she nods. I giggle five minutes later. I’ve been asked for which college I was playing basketball for. ‘bout to hit the forties and I feel physically so good and young it’s ridiculous.

I miss my guitars, I miss working on some big ass desktop machines. I miss building them. I could drink some 2002 St Joseph. Family has become the most nebulous word ever.

Alright so it’s been a lot of veggies for the past few years. No seriously, I eat a 99cts salad everyday. Stage 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, Cleared. Ready for the final battle.

Happy New Year to y’all. Love,

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