Lou Will’s effortlessness is absolutely disgusting. I love it. Three different teams in one year, don’t matter. 50-point career high last night.

As I said previously, the Butler Wolves bro. The DeRozan Raptors, dog. Those two teams are clicking more and more, have talent, have some bench and if they keep their head cold they will be killing opponents left and right in the playoffs. Let’s not forget Phila or New Orleans here. They still make mistakes but even if they don’t look like they would end up in the conference finals, they will make others bleed.

OKC is weird. They still don’t have the chemistry. Now that half the season has passed, that’s not good. But Russ, man. He is on another level. People don’t realize how hard it is to triple-double and this man does that at will WITHOUT getting injured. 42 triple-double last year, 1 for the entire Knicks team since 2012? It’s just idiotic at that point. The other month, 3OT in and he was still driving and shooting 3s like it’s the 1st quarter. Absurd.

So it’s going to suck for my Spurs, even though they do insanely well without much as usual. All that young blood in the playoffs will hurt my Parkers and Ginobilis for sure. Aldridge is festing and his footwork has improved but will it be enough? Kawhi needs to be able to get in rhythm soon. And Rudy. Fucking injuries, man.

The Cavs as of now sure don’t make the finals. Too many teams more than hungry and they truly play like shit. Would DJ be enough to alleviate their bad defense? I’m not sure. I’d say no.

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