They say we might never know what happened.

Two white women adopt six black kids. One of them pleaded guilty in 2011 to a domestic assault charge on her then six year old daughter.

Next-door neighbors call state child protective services on Friday because the kids come to them to ask for food and protection multiple times. The next day, the car and the entire family is gone.

They drive south for over 10 hours. The car goes over the cliff, inexplicably: the weather is good, there’s a big spot of dirt –75 feet, 22m- before the cliff, no skid marks nor break marks. Eight people in the SUV, five dead, three bodies missing, probably dead too. The kids didn’t wear seatbelts.

But they say it wasn’t intentional. They say we probably will never know what happened.

The few videos of Devonte are disheartening. He looks like his soul is in prison. Those women were using him and his siblings as props. Maybe worse.

What happened is that those two adults were hit with some God syndrome, thought they were so much better than anyone else and couldn’t face the fact that they were abusive crazy ass mofos. They give life and take it away. The state, which allowed those adoptions, is guilty too. What the fuck. When you see how hard America goes on black moms…

It’s a mess and it makes me so sad. Six black kids died.

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