Them Wolves could upset the Rockets after winning their spot into the playoffs, Butler on Harden and shit could go wrong. Even though Houston leads the league, those games are so boring: iso/3s, a few lob passes for a dunk and that’s it. Their defense is still sometimes very bad so we’ll see.

The Spurs could upset the Warriors, they know them well and they’re missing Steph. I believe in them. Aldridge dropped 45 points on the strongest defense (Utah) a few weeks ago, when they click and that Patty shows up, they still are a difficult-to-decipher threat. They’ve been ass on the road this season though, it’s going to be ultra tough. If Kawhi comes back then Spurs in 6. Big if true amirite.

Pels and Sixers are exciting and scary. They’re hungry, have everything rolling in their favors. I wouldn’t like to be the opponents. Nobody can’t stop AD, Mirotic has been insane, playoff Rondo is so ready and Jrue has been amazing. Good luck with that shit. Sixers are a bit different, younger but packing great depth and talent.

OKC could do it too but I’d go for the Pels over them, too irregular. Raptors shaking again, even though they really have everything for them with a great bench now. They need DeRozan and Lowry to show up and lead. Come on the North, bring it on.

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