Case in point

About our weird fetichism. The perfect examples of Japanese people getting shit done and not caring about “art”:

The PS1 startup sound is a preset from a 1987 Roland synthesizer (D-50).

PaRappa on PS4 is running on a PSP emulator.

A lot of comments are like “those developers are lazy!” No. They make shit happen. You wanted a cool startup sound for your groundbreaking new console? Done. It took almost 20 years for us to know that they didn’t spend months on it. It’s still an iconic sound and yes, people making synthesizer presets are extremely underrated. They are worldwide-known anonymous artists.

You wanted to play PaRappa with HD textures right now? There you go. Do you know how insanely pesky it is to port something from a 1994 architecture to a 2013 one that has nothing in common?

We in the West need to do the same: focus on creating things that work more than trying to outwit ourselves for outwitting purposes. We fall in this trap too often. Don’t reinvent. Recycle, twist and move on.

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