The funny thing about Nintendo

Is how we see this company in the West. Or how we like to see this company.



-About art.


But them, they just see themselves as a business. And I always felt that way too. The business of making entertainment. It’s a thing in the West: business –finance and money- is separated from the craft, as if they were unrelated. Somehow! Except that they’re tied together.

Look at Nintendo Labo. It’s a very lucrative idea. It’s not just fun. It’s also cheap to use cardboard. Nintendo just tries things out, executives ponder and greenlit the best ideas –probably always on the basis that it’s affordable/profitable- and we scream “OMG”. It’s interesting. Fetishism? Maybe.

Nintendo isn’t shy on making money as a goal though. They are about that, too, and foremost. For some reason when we talk about Apple people are fine with the idea of this company making money but when it comes to Nintendo, we’re quiet. They’re about putting smiles on people’s faces right?

Yeah. And also printing money. Both goals being completely intertwined. It’s all good.

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