Man, it was pretty much exactly what it should have been. Teamwork wins, all day everyday.

Cleveland never had a team. They had a bunch of guys playing for one guy: LeBron James. And the Warriors controlled him like a RC car. People act like he was missing shots just because of a self-made injury or because of the rest of the Cavs. In 2015, LBJ could flick his wrist on a drive and Steph Curry was gone.

Not in 2018. Steph Curry beefed up. He also knows LeBron well now, and has teammates who know when to help. The Warriors had 13 blocks last night. The Cavs had 5.

Finals are won on defense. LeBron never moves his ass back, using his amazing physical abilities to disrupt the flow. I have watched the 1998 NBA finals at the same time and Michael misses many shots. Some pretty bad shots too. But man, he’s back on defense and suffocating anyone he has to guard, immediately. Like Draymond last night, airballing a wide open 3. The next 5 or so offensive rebounds were his. WERK

To win, you need consistent ball movement, offensive/defensive balance and fugly hustle, that’s how it is. You can’t just change an entire team, drive to the basket and believe that’s going to be enough. And it’s true, the way the media ride his dick is detrimental to his greatness. It’s a disservice and now he’s paying the consequences.

All his teammates fired earlier this year did well if not excellent with other teams. Kyrie, the dude who put the clutch 3 for their title in 2016, wanted out. I mean, that’s pretty straight evidence of LBJ’s shortcomings as a leader and team player. Statistics are meaningless. Ask CP3.

Meanwhile, KD has quietly been the best NBA player, again. Scores with an insolent efficiency, defends with smart vision and pretty much never misses free throws. Also starts passing very well. Kevin Durant doesn’t give a fuck. He’s proven that he’s on another level right now.

So, LeBron at the Sixers? Why not. He needs to take the backseat though, otherwise that won’t work. Next year’s Celtics are scary as hell. I hope my Spurs work out strong this off-season and come back with Kawhi, better than ever. I hope Danny Green 3PT shooting is back because phew, it’s going to be needed in the West. You can’t be 4 of 30 from 3 in the playoffs anymore.

All teams en route to defeat Golden State’s 3peat. The last time a team won 3 championships in a row was 2000-2002 with the Lakers. The Warriors look like they have the range to do it. It’s going to be a great new season. Ball is life.

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