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How Has the Average House Size Changed?

From 1920 to 1970, fifty years, the average house size grew by 500 square feet (46m²).

From 1970 to 1990, twenty years, the average house size grew again by 500 square feet.

So not only the average size went up continuously but it went more than twice as fast after 1970. It slowed down since 1990 but still: over 4 times more personal space in 94 years. Jesus. You greedy ass bitches.

Essentially, it’s likely that one person nowadays has the same amount of space as a family back in the 1920s!

This is completely ridiculous. Because of technology and the fact that we spend most of our time sitting our asses down, watching a screen, we really, really don’t need more personal space than a whole 1920s family. We just need a lot of outlets. Stable electricity and fast internet. Those don’t take room at all.

What it shows is that people have too much money and don’t think much about how to spend it in a good way. They will spend $$$ on huge houses that they heavily under-used. I can’t stop thinking about looking at one of those modern McMansion here in LA. A big, huge glass cube at night. And this woman is just sitting alone on her coffee table, busy on her phone with only her phone’s screen lighting the large room. It looked sad as hell. Home ownership has become the most inefficient shit and most vicious scam. It doesn’t have to be like that: small house, nice little backyard and front yard, bam.

You don’t know what I see in my head in terms of architecture and urban planning. I’m frustrated.

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