I believe loyalty is crucial in society. I believe it’s the human being sustainability. That’s how we build things like family and dynasties and just good old, nice relationships. That’s how we curate our world by being loyal to who and what we think is good. That’s how we change the world.

Loyalty has been hacked and soiled by greed.

Of course, we can be cynical all day and tell ourselves that loyalty doesn’t matter or exist, fuck y’all I’m about me etc. But at some point, you will be on the other side.

Worse, at some point it totally destroys trust within society, which is where we’re at now, a bit.

Take something light like those basketball trades for instance. Demar, going to the Spurs because the team he gave everything to, and he really gave a lot, decided to “do something” to win a championship. Demar has been leading the Raptors in scoring for five years? Doesn’t matter. Investors want their trophy now. Same with Kawhi and his uncle. How can you want more than a team with which you won your title and made you who you are, ready to give you $221M for five years of service, and you’re not happy? Because you want more perks? Damn. It’s absurd, annoying and disappointing.

So greed corrupts things and the world changes and moves in a way that fosters more ruthlessness and short-term vision. It’s so weird (yet makes sense, we need loyalty somewhere) then to only see loyalty being about brands and corporate stuff. People are fanatics and will pour a lot of energy to show off how dedicated they are to a company, a brand, a product.

It’s no good. *puts society in reverse*

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