Them Spurs

But I’ll tell you, it’s funny: I might not have even made it to the league at all if Pop had not decided to give me a second chance to make a first impression on him. He invited me back in for another workout, and I made sure not to mess it up. I played a lot better against Lance this time. He still gave it to me pretty good, but I held my own a little bit. And I think I showed off some of the things that I could do on the court.

Tony Parker says Thank You.

Second chances matter. It’s amazing what good can happen when you give someone dedicated more time to prove that they’re the person you’re looking for. *wink wink*

OMG SPURS. This summer has been rough as hell. I’m working silently towards acceptance with Kawhi and Danny Green gone to Toronto. Damn. Tony has to come back for one last year though… Obviously, welcome to DeMar. Spurs lost a Compton bro to get another one. This feels right.

Now, the next season team is… Good? People forget about LMA all the time I hope that fuels him to show once again that he’s a beast. They have young, cold as ice talent (White, Walker). They have intense hustlers (Murray, Mills). They have very experienced players (Ginobili, Gasol) and sharp shooters (Gay, Belinelli, Bertans, Forbes). And then you add DeMar, a great scorer and Poetl, an athletic, quick center.

S P R E A D  D A  F L O O R

As usual, everyone thinks they can’t do shit because Warriors and blabla. We’ll see, haters.

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