Lame Store

So I have access to an iPad Air now. I haven’t played games on iOS in ages. Years. So I went to the App Store, thinking, “oh my god, it’s going to be full of amazing games I don’t know about”.

In the top 30 there are pretty much the exact same games as on my dead as hell Windows Phone app store. LMFAO. Subway Riders, Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds and a sea of match-3 games. Super addictive pool games like I was playing on my phone in 2011. I’m silently wheezing.

What’s sad to me is that the polishing level hasn’t increased at all. It’s all meh or bad. Not even sound on, a top free game that could have awesome sound effects but only serves you with loud commercials every time you lose. The complete lack of care, goddamn.

Also holy fuck the spam and constant pull to make you download other apps and in-app purchases is unreal. I’m not surprised kids buy stuff in seconds. And then you grind for 68 hours. And then give up, ashamed at the pointless shit you’ve been tapping on on repeat for months. Gaming on tablets is bizarre.

I’m blown away by the legendary super good and so much better Apple app store I guess.

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