NBA post-it

I don’t want to hear about no king. Also I’m rooting for everyone black and left-handed.

It’s been a very rough off season for the Spurs. Watching Kawhi and Danny go for almost ten steals in a pre-season game and basically low-key destroying the East is giving me diarrhea and simultaneously makes me mad happy. They’re so good and cold as icey gentlemen that they are. Toronto is now up 4-0 which doesn’t mean anything in a season but Kawhi is the most efficient player out there. Damn I miss him.

KD can discuss that for sure. Over Utah, KD showed that he’s the best player in the NBA. Can score at will over anyone, plays great defense. And that got them to win against a Jazz team that was clicking like a Swiss clock. The Warriors are fighting right now. The west is ruthless.

The Spurs the other night. Man, that first half. That fucking ball movement and quasi-perfect shooting performance, gahd. And they’re missing Dejounte lost to injury a couple weeks ago so they struggled to close the game. Other than that, they looked great. Rudy is a beast. DeMar is hesitating a bit too much on his drives but he passed the ball a lot and nicely. Lamarcus didn’t have the greatest night but I do love him, his hustle, his offensive rebounding and overall focus. The Spurs units are stable as hell. I like what I see with Bryn Forbes. He’s going so hard and the rest of the team is ramping up, trying to get in the zone.

Great game.

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