Speaking of elections

So, with the current life expectancy you can assume that the oldest boomers will die around 2025, on average. The youngest ones will pass around 2043. On average. Many will go up into the 2060s because life expectancy is growing every year of our lives and many boomers will live into their 90s and early 100s. My parents for instance, in far better shape than my grandparents at the same age, are likely scheduled to do that.

2060s. That’s the next eleven presidential elections where boomers will vote and out-vote everyone. And of course, the worst boomers are probably rich and definitely can afford to live until the mid 2060s. That’s 12 presidential elections.

That means that the idea that things will change because older people will die soon, is more than exaggerated. It’s weak. I repeat: starting 2020, eleven straight elections with most boomers still voting. that’s a lot. That’s most of our lives regardless of which generation you belong to. We can’t afford to wait for nature to do its thing. And no, we can’t go on a rampage younglings, calm down.

That means that we need to convince older people getting older to stop being selfish and scared. Because we need them to vote for the right thing: a fair society. It’s not going to be easy as they are clutching their damn pearls so much already, but they have to listen to us. We have to talk to them constantly. We have to annoy the shit out of them until they change their minds. It’s not an option.

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