What are we going to do with men

My journey as a black man through the world, starting in a small village in France, kept me busy. I worked on myself slowly and relentlessly and now I look at men like, what the fuck have y’all done besides nothing.

Yesterday I had 2 friends swinging by. The woman showed up, texted, brought drinks. The man just ghosted me after sending me a screenshot on Friday that he’d put me in his calendar. It’s totally expected and that’s what’s wrong.

My friend in Paris is being harassed by her ex and a dude in her building. It’s totally expected.

The complete lack of support between dudes. Expected.

The news, obviously. From Offset to Riot. I read Hacker News, full of smart but quite if not full-on sociopathic dudes. Some comments are plain terrifying.

The rate of decent men is too damn low. It’s so disappointing. I don’t understand this race that keeps men going nuts: the race to a number. We don’t need this shit right now. For the next decades we need to chill and make sure to sustain stuff. Not burn down through natural resources or relationships. Sustain. Control. Subtlety. All that.

I often see women wondering “why can’t decent men talk to those idiots”. We did but also, we know that they know. They know what to do. It’s just different from what they think they should do, so they don’t do it.

I’ve never been afraid of acting different to make a difference. Ok, sometimes I did but I nut up and went through it. Like human beings have been doing for thousands of years. Do better my dude. Come on, mane.

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