Win10 is the worst Windows ever

Now that I have been using it for over a year at work, I can tell.

The first 9 months, I blocked every single update. Experience, son. Everything was fine. Then the IT department forced updates and changed policies so that now updates are happening constantly.

It freezes the damn machine. It resets settings every single time. Wifi connection issues I’ve never had before, not just on that laptop but on all computers ever. The last time Windows was that bad, it was called Windows ME and we all forgot about it real quick. WTF happened with 10?

Windows 10 interface with that weird mix of black and sad taskbar with thin ass fonts , symbols and colorful, useless tiles is horrendous. The way there are 4 different ways to do anything is too much. Fuck Cortana. It takes 2 good second to display a folder content even with less than a hundred files. It’s embarrassing.

What’s more embarrassing is all the tech “journalists” who said it was fine. Y’all are liars or corrupt to the core or both.

Yes, Windows 8 is the best OS ever. It’s snappy and stable as hell. The super simplified Metro apps are perfect for 95% of people using computers. Any PC software from 1979 to 2019 runs on it. It’s still the shit.

Downgrade, people. Show some spine.

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