Lonestar Demar

Man, he can’t get no calls. I still think he relies too much on this, but he really doesn’t get them. Unfortunate loss last night.

He’s great. His jumpshot is the smoothest in the game. His moves are flowing. Impeccable footwork. He’s become a great passer. But he’s missing the rage. It’s not a bad thing per se but in the extremely competitive western conference, it is showing. Add some speed to increase your unpredictability and you’ll be fine Mr. DeRozan.

I guess it’s his character as well. He sounds like a chill dude who doesn’t like conflict. Which might be why he’s playing so often on the soft side. Pump faking. Trying to passively get the foul.

I want to see Super Saiyan Demar, torching teams like he’s possessed by MJ. Then add AD to the Spurs and let’s get a ring y’all. FOR POP

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