The NBA is rigged, there’s no other way. How come you have a perfect ending like that for the Lakers: The point guard they traded a few years ago comes back with his team and they nail the coffin, eliminating the Lakers from the playoffs, while the new leader, LeBron, slips on the floor on one of the last possession that could have changed the game.

It couldn’t have been a better spectacle, a more dramatic end. If the game isn’t rigged, it sure looks like it is sometimes.

Harden. Jesus. It’s like I want to love that lefty but I can’t love that lefty. The flopping is so absurd. 17 fucking free throws last night, as much as the entire Spurs team. It’s just so ridiculous. It’s not fun to watch. The Spurs came back from a 19-pt deficit to lose on BS like that. One day he has 57 points and loses, the next he has 61 and barely wins. That means that team is so dependent on him, if he goes down they lose every single game until he goes back on the court.

Shout out to the Spurs though. Players are progressing. 9 wins in a row ain’t bad at all. The defense is back to suffocating mofos left and right. GOOD. Hopefully they get Denver in the first round. They can do it.

Can’t wait for the playoffs. DeMar, please activate that Gear Fourth shit soon brother.

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