Infinity stairs

Bonaly’s comments call to mind the “twice as good” narrative, in which black people aspiring to white-dominated fields have to continually exceed expectations to be as successful as their white peers.

The Rebellious, Back-Flipping Black Figure Skater Who Changed the Sport Forever.

Our crew had Jews, Asians, women (still a rarity in the kitchen), and me, a black Swede. Maybe he figured that if we’d made it that far without the advantage of being in the majority, there was a chance we had both resilience and ambition, both of which he demanded.

Yes, Chef a memoir.

It seems pretty reasonable and easy to get around the idea that minorities who stick to something for years or decades are more than probably strong, dedicated folks.

But man, it’s hard to convince people.

I had an onsite interview not so long ago. Everything looking good. It goes well. They need someone 12 days later. I thank them. Check in 10 days later. They ghost me the whole time. The end.

It’s so hard on the mind, I’m not going to lie.

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