Dear Jack

Since the 2016 election, it has grown increasingly clear that allowing young, mostly male technologists to build largely unregulated, proprietary,international networks might have been a large-scale, high-stakes error in judgment.

That Dorsey is now expected to find a solution to unprecedented and unforeseen problems, on a platform designed thirteen years ago for narrow and relatively innocent use cases, seems darkly comical at best—an instance of refusing to learn from our mistakes. “He’s dealing with a scale of a problem that doesn’t have a lot of precedent in human history,” a programmer friend of mine texted.

New Yorker.

1. You force-design Twitter to be all about growth.

2. Tons of people abuse those tools to get engagement and visibility.

3. You refuse to acknowledge the fact that you have a community to moderate and that it is your responsibility.

And now you play the “I didn’t see anything coming, bear with me!”. You suck, Jack.

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