Sometime during summer 2009, I hit my left leg on a coffee table really hard. It hurt like hell. I hit it again at the same spot a bit later that year and for some reason, my body instinctively stopped moving said leg much.

Things became weird. At first I didn’t really notice. I still could do everything: running, pedaling, basketball, dancing, skateboarding even. But it was as if I was missing a whole 180° of action on the left.

It did weird things. At first I probably lost muscles. And then balance. Just slightly. Then the right side of my body compensated and worked out more.

It’s been a good 18 months that I’m working my way back to recover those 180°. Pivoting more and more on my weak left leg, from heel to toe. Jumping on it. It’s just fear in my mind. Everything works just fine. Everything is connected in our bodies. In a way, I atrophied my lymphatic and/or nervous system by partially shutting down physical movement. That’s my theory.

In the past six months I saw a difference. I breathe better. My ears are less clogged. I can sing back as high as I could before that stupid injury. I feel more “balanced” physically instead of having a weird weight on the right side of my body.

There’s this weird effect where simply moving in a way that I haven’t done much in ten years, triggers memories from before 2009. It’s nuts. Early Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s signs? I don’t know.

Skateboarding helps tremendously. It’s the best exercise to make my legs pivot in every direction and make them stand in said directions. A lot of cracking noises in them ankles but it’s all good. I can’t skate much for now –no insurance- but once I get it? It’s over for you hoes. In the meantime,

go go gadget legs s t r e t ch

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