Game 6 Raptors

It’s really bizarre to follow a basketball player for years, to know that he’s amazing and then being kind of mad that he’s doing so well with another team.

I’m not surprised that Kawhi took those Raptors to their first NBA finals ever. I’m not surprised he’s been looking like an extremely efficient and versatile version of MJ, hand fake, midrange and so on. 17 rebounds.

I saw him get better for years, while everyone was like “whatever”.

Kawhi is so good. I couldn’t wait to see that Leonard/White/Murray/Aldridge/Gay bullshit. We would have a game 7 western conference finals right now.

And I just love his dedication to the game and how he clearly doesn’t care about that stupid ass media circus, giving them the coldest answers lmao. It’s just adorable.

Interesting finals coming up. Will Lowry and Van Vleet be able to clamp Steph? Will Klay clamp Kawhi? Will KD need to show up and go thermo-nuclear? We shall see.

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