Just like that

Further to this… at this point, Google controls:

– the largest browser people use to view pages (Chrome)

– the largest platform people use to run that browser (Android)

– the largest way people discover content online (Google Search)

– the largest way people advertise online (Google Ads)

– the largest way people share video online (YouTube)

– the largest email provider (Gmail)

This is way too much power over the internet in one corporate entity.

It’s way beyond what MS ever accomplished at their height, and it’s way beyond anything Apple ever accomplished either.

The power Google have over the internet at large and the content people consume at this point frankly terrifies me.

A comment online that stuck with me. And for the rest of our internet lives we go through another company, Facebook (Instagram, Whatsapp) and that’s about it.

Two companies rule 98% of what we do do online.

Change, people. Use alternatives. Get used to inconvenience more.

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