Long two, what you gonna do

You can’t shoot the 3 correctly under extreme pressure like a game 7. Four teams played yesterday, they all sucked super hard from behind the arc, far beyond what they can do.

Long 2s win games. Pull-up jumpshots –CJ, Kawhi yesterday- win games because they’re super hard to defend and “doable” even under heavy pressure because they’re close enough for one player to feel good about taking them. Drives can get stripped. 3s not falling mean you give the ball away. Had Ben Simmons being shooting jumpers, the series would have gone the other way and probably ended in game 6. I wanted to see the Sixers toughness against the Bucks instead of having the Toronto Kawhi and a bunch of scrubs (just kidding) go against Milwaukee. We’ll see.

The Warriors game was phenomenal too. Steph just gives no fucks at the line under pressure. Mofo was smiling and shit. 8/8. Portland VS Golden State. We know it’s going to be a sky battle with crazy 3s in the first games. Whatever happens, the Warriors should probably win this but we’ll have fun watching it.

A Bucks/Warriors finals series is something I’m hoping on. Experience VS Length. I’m ready.

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