The Bucks basically bitch-slapped the Celtics. The Milwaukee Limbs are scary. They’re long, they’re efficient. Giannis is amazing and barely playing. Sucks to be the other team.

The Sixers could be in a much better position if Ben Simmons could fucking shoot the ball. Jesus Christ. He’s so fast and fluid with the ball but that’s about it. It’s tragic. Of course playing against my Kawhi is something else but the Sixers should have been able to dispute those losses better. Props to Jimmy Butler for never giving up anything.

Chris Paul and Kyrie have been having trouble size-wise. It’s the playoffs and being small(er) is being abused by everyone. Which gives Isaiah Thomas’ 53-pt playoff game a few years ago even more status. This man was on a mission and his dedication will forever stay in the conversation.

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