Local Legend

So on weekends, I go shoot the ball at my local park. On Sundays next to the basketball courts, Mexicans play football (soccer). They’re pretty serious about it with referees, shirts, tamale stands and so forth.

Often, their ball goes way out and lands on the court. When close, I pick it up with my hands and throw it back, like a goal tender. It’s good exercise.

But yesterday morning I felt it and when the ball arrived I just kicked the ball back with my left foot, like I was Thierry Henry on a corner kick, propelling the ball between two trees, way high, landing on the field, ready to be played.

The ENTIRE bench crowd, all Mexicans, all dudes smoking drinking and laughing, that I see every Sunday, turned around looking at me shouting “YOOOO” and I was like, “yeah, I can do that too” and then I swished a fade away long 2.

Legendary? Legendary.

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