Write and Read

Audiobooks outsell print. AI can turn text into speech. People scan, they don’t read.

Writing is organized thinking on behalf of persuasion.

Writing is your opportunity to stand out, to pitch in and to make a difference.

And you don’t need a permit or equipment. You don’t need an insider’s edge, or money either.

Writing may be the skill with the highest return on investment of all. Because writing is a symptom of thinking.

Seth Godin.

Writing for 15+ years now, I realize how much it helped me being organized. To keep calm with heavy, burning thoughts. Once you break them down and start writing them on a screen, it’s just easier to understand and deal with them.

Talking doesn’t do the same at all. We indulge in drama and get lost in what point we’re looking for. Writing gets you there and allows you to move on.

It’s dope.

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