We’re in the middle of an incredible race when it comes to selling products.

Virality. Everything is using viral channels to grow fast and faster. Netflix, the news, Twitter, Epic Games etc.

Two downsides: it’s a perpetual movement and there is no stopping (prepare for burnout). When it pays off it sure pays off but there’s no way to know for sure if it will (prepare for unemployment).

While we like to believe this is the new order, I think we subconsciously enjoy sustain because it’s the mother of everything: it’s because the earth –as an ecosystem- is stable and sustaining itself that we were able to exist and thrive. It’s when the economy is stable and purring that societies make progress etc.

So we know deep down that we need not to constantly run to have a good life.

Why are we trying to move more and faster, thinking we’re so smart, I don’t know.

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