That’s what you hear when the Spurs are in the paint. DeMar, Lamarcus, Rudy, they’re all yelling the same thing while struggling to score.

The problem is on defense though. A lack of effort and mostly, anticipation. That’s where Kawhi is so, so good. He anticipates two turns ahead of everyone in most cases.

The Spurs are making players better. LMA out of Portland was a tank, only posting up and shooting 2s. Now he runs back and forth, gets alley oops, shoots 3s. DeMar in his first season immediately got his career-high assists per game and he is working on his defense more. He’s not very good at it but he’s got better.

There’s definitely something about shooting/defending 3s that is killing them. The league really is about shooting those now. Last night they were not falling for the Spurs. It happens. They still need much better defense.

Maybe moral is low after a string of losses this past month. KEEP GOING

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