I think it’s funny how

We read it all the freaking time these days. Basically:

“China, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong were able to curve the virus’ spread thanks to an incredible community and mass surveillance system”

And so we have people that are like:

– let’s do the same

– why can’t we do the same?


Yes obviously, very homogenous populations, socially, culturally, will do a better job at fighting a global issue (except for Japan, it looks like they love Denial over there; there’s always exceptions). Yes, for very heterogenous populations like we see in giant cities like Paris London NYC or LA, it is a lot more difficult. We don’t care the same way.

And that’s fine. Why? BECAUSE DIVERSITY IS GOOD. I mostly lived my life in big cities with vibrant communities but I also lived in monolithic cultures. It’s not a debate, plurality is phenomenal. It’s exciting for the mind, it’s invigorating. It’s not easy. It’s valuable as hell.

But now in 2020, after feeling within the past decade how tensions between communities prevail, people flock toward the idea that being separated is the exit to happiness. Sure, it makes things easier to deal with people who feel like you. I’m kind of new to this and it’s completely dope and necessary.

But we need to melt too. Growth. Comprehension. Empathy.

So of course right wing folks are pushing for this “exclusively white people together would be so great, wouldn’t it?” while salivating at the “let’s monitor everyone else!” and I don’t like this shit at all.

If this virus leads democratic countries to autocratic behaviors Imma throw hands, wash them, throw them again ad nauseam.

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