I miss them folks

She only came to get help a few times. She’s this thin, 70s clothes wearing black woman. A nerdy one with big glasses and a soft, enthusiastic voice. I like to imagine my biological grandma to be just like that.

One time we had a great conversation about computers and the state of software. She’s a retired programmer! She was warning me about Google (that she has taken off her laptop completely), like she had to.

But anyway, this time she comes in to fix some stuff and asks me how to shut down Windows 10. There are a few more steps compared to 7. I show her. She laments that the computer shop guy took the freedom to install 10 over her 7 that she very much enjoyed. I nod furiously, this is some bullshit.

She zips up her laptop bag, stands up and says softly, bending over, “you know, I could beat his ass”

I “YOOOOOOO” really loud in my head and looking at her I immediately answer, smiling,

“let’s go”

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