Dear A380

You are about to be a memory.

I’ve never flown with you. But I’ve seen you “majestically” take off. Your big ass staying on the tarmac for so long, it’s impossible not to think “is this immense plane even going to.. HEYO IT’S TAKING WAY LONGER THAN OTHER PLANES IS THERE A PROBL” And then you do. It’s exhilarating to watch. You’re one with the air. 575 tons of engineering doing the same as birds. Going up, and down.

Like so many people you were doing fine until the market, that very elusive thing, shifted and made you sweat on every move. Now just like us, the virus is there for you.

Your mom, Europe, doesn’t look so good either.

It’s all a little bleak but the good news is; you’re still in the air, putting in work. We have the plans, we can always go back to production.

See you around, Thickness.

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