That Metro line

They started that 8.5 mile extension in 2013. Eight stations. They were supposed to finish in 2019. As of July 2020, they’re not done at all. I’ve driven a couple thousand miles (!) on Crenshaw watching them in the past months. There’s always one dude working and three or four mfs standing around, watching. Like all construction sites.

I think I’ve done it all in terms of transportation. I lived with and without a car in France. Same in LA. I commuted on everything from feet to bike to trains to Uber to buses.

When I arrived in LA of course, I was all up in my European bullshit. “how come there’s no train?” Because those don’t really work here, bae.

Public transportation is really great when:

– It’s cold/rainy outside, most of the year

– You can’t never park whatsoever

– Trains and buses are on time and plentiful (every 5mn)

The first two points don’t exist in Los Angeles. The third one doesn’t really either (buses every 20mn at BEST).

I forgot to mention that it’s hot out here and walking to and from stations isn’t great, especially with how cold it is inside buildings (bitch ass AC, I’ll have a post for you soon). A brutal, temperature swing that screws your body while you’re wondering why you feel weird.

But also the third point is something that can be here, and also can be not here. And that’s super infuriating as a user. After a few years of that, you’re done with it. You buy a car, you move away, whatever. Public transportation randomness is just too much to deal with, especially with the lives we have now. Stress is a killer.

Speaking of, public transportation in the world of deadly viruses is not something I’m looking forward to.

So between earthquakes, COVID-19, a still very poor train network and plenty of $900 cars to buy, I don’t think people will use that train line that much. It might even cost a fortune to maintain. I can’t wait for this Metro line to become a bike path with trees. Crenshaw could definitely use that. Electric bikes, remote work and local life, bitches.

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